The Glass is Refillable
and it is my job to fill it

It is hard to believe we have almost made another trip around the sun.  The warm days are waning and familiar signs of the Holidays are all around us.  Many have asked me,
What does Yoga say about this time of the year?

Yoga is not a Religion, as many would believe.  Yoga is a Philosophy – a ‘Way of Seeing Life’ –  A Perspective which fosters both Physical & Mental Health.  The single greatest philosophical tenet of Classical Yoga is this:

We Make Our Own Happiness

If you boil down all the fancy Sanskrit Words, the Breathing Techniques and Postures, and separate the Bandhas from the Mudras – the Oms from the Hamsas, I truly believe that the core of what Yoga is bringing is an Attitude of Self Responsibility:  i.e., “I Am Responsible, for my Health, my Mood, my State of Mind, my Relationships, my Job, and my Contribution to Society.”

I am Responsible

Yoga is an empowering physical and mental Act of Personal Hygiene.  The physical asanas (postures) cleanse the blood, the lymph, the cells, clearing them of metabolic waste products, rejuvenating and refreshing them with nourishing lifeforces.  Yoga’s breathing practices (pranayama) cleanse the lungs and the entire body, as well as help to wash the brain of nonsensical stress producing chatter and repetitive negative thinking/feeling patterns, patterns which may have dominated our life experiences for decades.

Yoga is a set of Self Responsible Behaviors which Clean Up Your Life

In Yoga, we universally reject the role of ‘Victim’.  We move away from ‘Blame’. We distance ourselves from unhealthy ‘Dependencies’ – whether they be drugs or doctors (expecting them to save us) or people other than God.

Yoga teaches Us to be Givers – not Takers
to fill Our Own Cup – and to Give Our of that Fullness to Others

What does Yoga Philosophy say about what we are to do with all this new found Mental Clarity and Physical Health?  The Yoga Sutras and other Classical Yoga Texts are very lucid on this subject.  They offer a simple, but hard to follow, piece of advice:

We are NOT to use our newly cultivated Vitality for Selfish Ends

Instead, we are to grace the lives of those we touch with this beautiful energy of health, robust aliveness and proper mental perspective  – in the spirit of vast generosity , so that they, too, may come to experience the power of fully Standing in Oneself – Taking Full Responsibility for Our Experience on Earth.

My Life is a Gift
Each Breath – Each Outward Reach of my Hand – is a Gift
No One Can Live My Life for Me.
I must enter into my Life fully with Thanksgiving for All Things
To Say that I am On the Yoga Path.

Happy Thanksgiving!
So Grateful for You